IB CAS Guide

IB CAS Guide

Goodbye and Good Luck

My wife and I have accepted teaching positions for 2012-13 school year at Hong Kong Academy. So this post will be probably be my last as AISD CAS Coordinator.

The information on this website will no longer be updated but will remain accessible for the time being.

Best wishes to Mr. Iftkhar Syed who has been appointed the new CAS Coordinator at AISD.

Special thanks to all the AISD students who I have had the privilege of working with. You taught me more about CAS and what is meaningful work than anyone else during my tenure.

Good Luck in all your future endeavors!


Daniel Muller


Applying Reflective Practice to CAS and Service Learning



Lesson Introduction:

The IB aims to create students who are “internationally minded” and strive “to create a better more peaceful world through intercultural understanding and respect.” CAS and Service Learning provide an important framework for working toward these goals by putting the idea “Think Globally, Act Locally” in practice.

In CAS you have been asked to engage with a Global Issue and to Act Locally through your Service Learning group.

NOTE: This lesson will be video taped and submitted as evidence of Mr. Daniel Muller’s teaching practice for the International Teaching Certificate (ITC) program.

Lesson Objectives:

  • Use the techniques of reflective practice to consider the extent to which you gained new knowledge and understanding of global issues this year.
  • Consider in what ways this experience has changed you.
  • Consider in what ways your experience could have been more deep and what changes can be made to the program to make it better for the new IB cohort.

What Global Issue did your Service Learning Group focus on?

How and to what extent did you investigate your Global Issue?

To what extent did you feel prepared individually and as a group to “act locally” in your service project?

  • What were the barriers to engagement?
  • What strategies helped make engagement easier?
  • What advice do you have for the new IB cohort?
  • What advice do you have for the new IB CAS Coordinator?

Reflect on the process of settings goals.

  • Were your goals appropriate?
  • Were they achievable?
  • Were specific or general?
  • What advice do you have for the new IB cohort?
  • What advice do you have for the new IB CAS Coordinator?

Reflect on the process of collecting data and evidence.

  • How did you collect data and evidence?
  • How do you preserve knowledge?
  • What is the value of documenting your progress?
  • What advice do you have for the new IB cohort?
  • What advice do you have for the new IB CAS Coordinator?
To Be Continued…

Flash Mob by GIN group highlights “Education for All” awareness week.

The AISD GIN (Global Issues Network) group planned and carried activities all week to highlight the importance “Education for All.” The activities included  a high school assembly, a simulation of what life might be like without education, a photo exhibition, a knowledge bowl, a workshop for service learning groups and a flash mob in the cafeteria.

The flash mob consisted of GIN members holding up signs with statistics about world literacy rates and access to education and concluded with a choreographed dance. The flash mob provided a powerful and fun way to emphasize just how lucky we are to have access to a great education at AISD.

The “Education For All” theme was taken from J.F. Rischards’ book High Noon in which he outlines 20 of the most pressing global issues of our time.

Robin Muller, GIN faculty advisor said “ I think it’s safe to say that everyone learned more about what having access to education means and what some of the issues are that keep people from having an education.   It was a fun, reflective and informative week! Keep up the great work GIN.”

Big Draw Art Event

On September 16th AISD Art students participated in 5 hour drawing marathon hosted by Robin Muller the HS Art teacher. The Big Draw was a chance for HS student from all grade level to get together in a non academic community event just for the joy of making art. 37 students participated in the event and a great time was had by all. Look for an exhibition of the work in the HS rotunda soon. This is CAS at it’s best! Leave comments and let us know what you think!

CAS Self Review

Your CAS adventure begin with a self review. Download the Self Review Attachment from the CAS website. Make sure you read the introductory sections about CAS aims, outcomes and guiding questions. Fill out the self review questionnaire and save it where you can find it. You will need this document for your first CAS interview where you will choose your CAS activities.

This must be completed in electronic format (in the word document)  so that it can be added to your CAS records.

Email me if you have any questions.

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CAS meets Facebook

Now tracking the amazing things that AISD CAS students do is even easier with our new AISD Facebook Page.

The CAS Website has always been a great way to find out about CAS and what CAS students are doing. But who has time to check the website for new content?

We’ve made it easy for you. First we introduced email notifications – a very short email with a link to new posts. And now we’re super excited to give you our Facebook Page with excerpts of all the latest goings on in AISD CAS and links back to the full story on website.

Check it out and Let us know if you LIKE it!


Join the site and leave a comment. We’d love to hear from you.

Welcome AISD IB Class of 2013

Welcome to the beginning of your IB adventure! Here a couple of really important things to know.

  1. CAS is fun! – The IB intends for CAS to be the counter balance to your academic program.
  2. CAS is about you! – You choose the activities that interest you.
  3. CAS is supported! – All your activities are supervised and I’m here to help you too.
Don’t worry if it doesn’t all make sense yet. In the mean time check out the CAS website to get all the details you need. If you have questions, please stop or send me an email.
Daniel Muller
CAS Coordinator
cas (at) aisdhaka.org

Trash Fashion Show Gallery – Live

The Trash Fashion Show held on April 21, 2011 and organized by juniors Sadia and Sumin as part of their IB CAS program helped make the Earth Day assembly a great success. Here is a photo gallery of all the new fashion designs you can expect to see next season!

Congratulations to the Designers!

Best Group Design: Jens Michael, Sumin Lee and Sadia Rahman

Best Overall Design: Hyerin Kim, Natasha Scott and Radhika Mitter

Best Women’s Wear Design: Tinni Bhattacharyya and Zoe Rayner

Best Men’s Wear Design: Julia Koczot, Lara Southern and Jalen Lomax

Honorable Mention: Laurel Curley

Best Single Design: Michino Hisabayashi

Trash Fashion Show




Why CAS? – Aims

Why CAS?
by Daniel Muller – CAS Coordinator

What are the aims of CAS? Here is what the IB says:

The CAS programme aims to develop students who are:

  • reflective thinkers—they understand their own strengths and limitations, identify goals and devise strategies for personal growth
  • willing to accept new challenges and new roles
  • aware of themselves as members of communities with responsibilities towards each other and the environment
  • active participants in sustained, collaborative projects
  • balanced—they enjoy and find significance in a range of activities involving intellectual, physical, creative and emotional experiences.

Why CAS? – The 8 Learning Outcomes

Why CAS?

By Daniel Muller – CAS Coordinator

This is the first of a series of short posts about why CAS is at the core of the IB Diploma Program.

By now it is clear that IB students at AISD are doing some amazing things in their CAS program. On this blog we have seen examples of this – Rica is teaching English with songs, Gin students are promoting awareness of global issues by organizing an international student film event and Sadia and Sumin are organizing a trash fashion show to celebrate earth day.

But what outcomes does the IB expect from all this outstanding work? Here is what the IB says, “At the end of their CAS program, students will have:”

  1. Increased their awareness of their strengths and areas for growth.
  2. Undertaken new challenges.
  3. Planned and initiated activities.
  4. Worked collaboratively with others.
  5. Shown perseverance and commitment in their activities.
  6. Engaged with issues of global importance.
  7. Considered the ethical implications of their actions.
  8. Developed new skills.

Find out more about the 8 Learning Outcomes here.

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