IB CAS Guide

IB CAS Guide

Flash Mob by GIN group highlights “Education for All” awareness week.

The AISD GIN (Global Issues Network) group planned and carried activities all week to highlight the importance “Education for All.” The activities included  a high school assembly, a simulation of what life might be like without education, a photo exhibition, a knowledge bowl, a workshop for service learning groups and a flash mob in the cafeteria.

The flash mob consisted of GIN members holding up signs with statistics about world literacy rates and access to education and concluded with a choreographed dance. The flash mob provided a powerful and fun way to emphasize just how lucky we are to have access to a great education at AISD.

The “Education For All” theme was taken from J.F. Rischards’ book High Noon in which he outlines 20 of the most pressing global issues of our time.

Robin Muller, GIN faculty advisor said “ I think it’s safe to say that everyone learned more about what having access to education means and what some of the issues are that keep people from having an education.   It was a fun, reflective and informative week! Keep up the great work GIN.”

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