IB CAS Guide

IB CAS Guide

Flash Mob by GIN group highlights “Education for All” awareness week.

The AISD GIN (Global Issues Network) group planned and carried activities all week to highlight the importance “Education for All.” The activities included a high school assembly, a simulation of what life might be like without education, a photo exhibition, a knowledge bowl, a workshop for service learning groups and a flash mob in the [...]

Big Draw Art Event

On September 16th AISD Art students participated in 5 hour drawing marathon hosted by Robin Muller the HS Art teacher. The Big Draw was a chance for HS student from all grade level to get together in a non academic community event just for the joy of making art. 37 students participated in the event [...]

CAS Self Review

Your CAS adventure begin with a self review. Download the Self Review Attachment from the CAS website. Make sure you read the introductory sections about CAS aims, outcomes and guiding questions. Fill out the self review questionnaire and save it where you can find it. You will need this document for your first CAS interview [...]

Trash Fashion Show Gallery – Live

The Trash Fashion Show held on April 21, 2011 and organized by juniors Sadia and Sumin as part of their IB CAS program helped make the Earth Day assembly a great success. Here is a photo gallery of all the new fashion designs you can expect to see next season!

Congratulations to the Designers!

Best [...]

Earth Day Trash Fashion Show and Competition.

by Sadia and Sumin

Celebrate Earth Day with a 3rd annual Trash Fashion Show and competition. The competition asks AISD students to create outfits from trash – newspaper, magazines, plastic bags and other waste materials. Prizes will be awarded for the best single outfit and the best group outfit.

Entries must be ready by April [...]

Photography Blog: A Creative Project

by Zoe Rayner

Incense Pots photo by Zoe Raner

I’ve been interested in pursuing photography for a few years, and when I moved to Dhaka 8 months ago, I decided that keeping a blog of my photos would be an interesting way to both explore the subjects around me, and stay in touch [...]

AISD GIN Presents “Reel Change”

by Tamari and Tinni

Click for more info about REEL Change

After being GINspired from the recent GIN Conference in Abu Dhabi, we were encouraged to spread awareness on global issues and showcase the projects students are doing across the world. AIS/D Reel Change is an opportunity to network international students and allow them [...]

Think Global: Access to Education – Act Local: Teaching English

by Rica Duchateau IB Junior

One of the three aspects of CAS is service, where IB Diploma candidates find ways to give back to the community and surroundings they live in. AIS/D has already provided us with one opportunity to do this, which is the Service Learning program, yet I feel like its requirement is [...]