IB CAS Guide

IB CAS Guide

Flash Mob by GIN group highlights “Education for All” awareness week.

The AISD GIN (Global Issues Network) group planned and carried activities all week to highlight the importance “Education for All.” The activities included a high school assembly, a simulation of what life might be like without education, a photo exhibition, a knowledge bowl, a workshop for service learning groups and a flash mob in the [...]

Big Draw Art Event

On September 16th AISD Art students participated in 5 hour drawing marathon hosted by Robin Muller the HS Art teacher. The Big Draw was a chance for HS student from all grade level to get together in a non academic community event just for the joy of making art. 37 students participated in the event [...]

CAS Self Review

Your CAS adventure begin with a self review. Download the Self Review Attachment from the CAS website. Make sure you read the introductory sections about CAS aims, outcomes and guiding questions. Fill out the self review questionnaire and save it where you can find it. You will need this document for your first CAS interview [...]