IB CAS Guide

IB CAS Guide

Flash Mob by GIN group highlights “Education for All” awareness week.

The AISD GIN (Global Issues Network) group planned and carried activities all week to highlight the importance “Education for All.” The activities included a high school assembly, a simulation of what life might be like without education, a photo exhibition, a knowledge bowl, a workshop for service learning groups and a flash mob in the [...]

AISD GIN Presents “Reel Change”

by Tamari and Tinni

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After being GINspired from the recent GIN Conference in Abu Dhabi, we were encouraged to spread awareness on global issues and showcase the projects students are doing across the world. AIS/D Reel Change is an opportunity to network international students and allow them [...]

Think Global: Access to Education – Act Local: Teaching English

by Rica Duchateau IB Junior

One of the three aspects of CAS is service, where IB Diploma candidates find ways to give back to the community and surroundings they live in. AIS/D has already provided us with one opportunity to do this, which is the Service Learning program, yet I feel like its requirement is [...]

Dharmarajika Orphanage visit – Teaching English

This post is about service groups at AISD that provide English teaching as part of their service. It asks for your thought on how to make our teaching efforts even more beneficial. These question arose on a resent visit to Dharmarajika Orphanage. Please read the full post at http://www.aisd-cas.net. Don’t forget to log in and leave a comment. [...]

Video: Wade Davis talks about endagered cultures.

With stunning photos and stories, National Geographic Explorer Wade Davis celebrates the extraordinary diversity of the world’s indigenous cultures, which are disappearing from the planet at an alarming rate. [...]

CAS and the Earthquake in Japan

At AISD we talk about global citizenship and in the wake of the Earthquake in Japan I want acknowledge how difficult that can be. Japan is both near and far from our lives in Bangladesh. Images and video in the media bring the tragedy into our living rooms and social media is buzzing with information [...]