IB CAS Guide

IB CAS Guide

How to add Activities to Managebac

Log in to Managebac and click on the “Groups” tab.


Click “Join this Group” for the activity you want to join.


Click on the “DP Candidates” tab and select “CAS” from the pull down menu.

This screen is your CAS Worksheet. The worksheet lists all your activities and summarizes your progress and status. Click on the new activity to get to the activity summary page.

Now you need to edit the activity settings to select the activity “Type”, your expected “Outcomes” and answer the “CAS questions”. Mouse over the activity name to make the edit button appear. The click the edit button.


First edit the Activity Type by selecting Creativity, Action or Service.

Then scroll down and select (or deselect) the outcomes you expect. Remember to click “Save Changes”.

Once you have clicked “Save Changes” you need to complete the 4 CAS Questions. Click the right side tab that says “CAS Questions”to get to the questions. Once the questions are completed your activity is ready for approval.