IB CAS Guide

IB CAS Guide

Earth Day Trash Fashion Show and Competition.

by Sadia and Sumin

Trash Fashion Show at AISDCelebrate Earth Day with a 3rd annual Trash Fashion Show and competition. The competition asks AISD students to create outfits from trash – newspaper, magazines, plastic bags and other waste materials. Prizes will be awarded for the best single outfit and the best group outfit.

Entries must be ready by April 20th. Groups are limited to 3 people.

Winners will be chosen at the Earth Day Assembly April 21st.

This competition encourages our community to recycle more and engage with their creative side at the same time. We hope to have a large number of people try out for the show this year.

This event is an approved CAS creativity activity.

Photography Blog: A Creative Project

by Zoe Rayner

Incense Pots by Zoe Raner - CAS Photography

Incense Pots photo by Zoe Raner

I’ve been interested in pursuing photography for a few years, and when I moved to Dhaka 8 months ago, I decided that keeping a blog of my photos would be an interesting way to both explore the subjects around me, and stay in touch with friends and family back home. Once school started, I soon realized that the blog could also be used as a creative project for CAS, and since then I have been more conscious about updating it and using it as a place to reflect on my experiences while documenting them with photos. While many of the posts focus on trips that I have taken (both in Bangladesh and to nearby countries), I’m hoping to start taking photos more frequently of day-to-day life here, to develop a wider appreciation of the photographic opportunities around me.

To visit my blog, go to: http://hotsideofmoon.blogspot.com/

AISD GIN Presents “Reel Change”

by Tamari and Tinni

REEL Change Video Contest

Click for more info about REEL Change

After being GINspired from the recent GIN Conference in Abu Dhabi, we were encouraged to spread awareness on global issues and showcase the projects students are doing across the world. AIS/D Reel Change is an opportunity to network international students and allow them to share their projects with each other through cool and creative videos.

All students at AIS/D are a member of a service learning group, as a high school student this is a chance for you to showcase what service you have been doing. A creative video may earn you a cash prize for your service learning group.

Check out our poster and get more info here.

Visit our YouTube channel:

AISD GIN YouTube Channel

Find out more about Gin:

Global Issues Network

AISD Yunus Event a Huge Success!

Professor Yunus with the AISD steering comittee.
Professor Yunus with the AISD steering comittee.

On Wednesday March 23, AISD hosted an all day event to celebrate the achievements of Nobel Laureate Professor Muhammad Yunus and to promote the ideas of Social Business. The event was also the culmination of a contest held by the Yunus Center in which high school students throughout Dhaka competed to come up with the best social business. Professor Yunus addressed a audience of more than five hundred and talked about his inspiration for micro finance and social business.

To find out more about Professor Yunus  visit the Yunus Center Website.



Think Global: Access to Education – Act Local: Teaching English

by Rica Duchateau IB Junior

One of the three aspects of CAS is service, where IB Diploma candidates find ways to give back to the community and surroundings they live in. AIS/D has already provided us with one opportunity to do this, which is the Service Learning program, yet I feel like its requirement is taking away the feeling of accomplishment; your own goodwill  should in fact be the driving force for your aid to others. I felt I wanted to be more passionate about service and found that this would happen best if I would find something to do myself outside of school.

Community Connection

Rica poses with her students.

Rica teaches English every Friday as part of her CAS program.

I have already been involved for a long time with the seminary choir at the Holy Spirit Major Seminary in Banani, Dhaka, where I have helped seminarians learn to sing English Christian songs, improve musical skills and while doing all this develop their English conversational skills and interaction with others. This is one of my CAS service and creativity projects and it has given me many connections especially throughout the Christian side of Bangladesh. After a while I came to know Fr. Bejoy Rebeiro, who teaches at the Oblate Juniorate in Mohammadpur, Dhaka. When he mentioned they were in need of someone to teach English, I had an a-ha moment and really felt I could do some service, mixed with creativity, here.

Self-Initiated Service

What resulted was an informal English class for a group of teenage boys at the Oblate Juniorate. Although I am a shy and quiet person, and definitely not accustomed to public speaking, I was willing to take on the challenge of teaching. I remember at first I had bunch of grammar books ready to go, assuming these boys had an adequate level of English considering they are having secondary education, but when I had my first class, I was confronted by the reality situation of English literacy in Bangladesh. My aspirations for teaching grammar in more detail had to be put aside (bye, bye grammar books for now) when I posed a question: “How old are you?” The answer: “My old is…” This really told me I had to really get back to the basics of English. So now, the main focus of this English teaching is basic conversation.

Class Challenges

Teaching English is not as easy as I expected. I was once shocked by an answer of one student to a simple question about what he thought about the Oblate Juniorate: “I cannot express myself.“  I really feel that it is important for people to be able to express themselves and that drove me to help these students out. With the help of my mom (a former high school teacher) I tried to find ways to first of all make the class interactive, and more of a joy than a burden to the students. I decided to use music as a tool, as the seminary choir really improved their English by singing. This way, my students enjoy the classes more – they love to sing and their faces radiate happiness while they do it. One of the more recent methods is showing pictures of my travels on my laptop and having them share their thoughts. This improves their conversation, but also their cultural awareness.

CAS Continuation

I definitely want to continue this project. That is why I have committed myself to waking up at 9 am almost every Friday morning to go and have a one-hour class with my students. With my efforts, I hope to not really improve their English, but also establish long lasting friendships with the locals. I really feel CAS service has enabled me to know Bangladesh from a side other than school and I am sure these will all be valuable experience for me to take home with me when I return to Belgium to go to university.

Dharmarajika Orphanage visit – Teaching English

Andrew and Abdoulay teach English at Dharmarajika

Last Friday, March 18th, ten students from the Dharamrajika Service Learning group made a site visit to teach English at the orphanage. This was our 8th visit this year and my 5th as a faculty leader. These trips are very rewarding and everyone who participates seems to feel that we are providing a useful and needed service. And I couldn’t agree more.

Part of my role on these trips is to prepare material for the student lessons. This usually involves scouring the resource library and throwing together what I find into a lose framework for students to use in their lessons. They get the materials on the bus and prepare for the lesson on the 30 minute drive to the orphanage. For the most part, this works pretty well. The value of these visits is mutual. The Dharmarajika students get to hear English spoken by native speakers and get to practice speaking and what they are learning. AISD students gain confidence, have a meaningful service experience and have a unique opportunity to build relationships with students from vastly different life circumstances.

When I reflect on these trips I feel we are doing good work but I also often feel that we could be doing more. Not just for the kids we serve but for the kids we guide in service. The question I want to ask is “What can we do to take our service to the next level? Where is the opportunity for growth?”

To my CAS students, please reply to this post and share your thoughts about teaching English. How do you feel about your level of preparedness. How can we improve English teaching programs? What can we be doing better?

To the greater AISD community, we would love to have you participate in this discussion. Please use this link to request an account so that you can leave  comments.


Mr. Muller – AISD CAS Coordinator

Video: Wade Davis talks about endagered cultures.

With stunning photos and stories, National Geographic Explorer Wade Davis celebrates the extraordinary diversity of the world’s indigenous cultures, which are disappearing from the planet at an alarming rate. This TEDtalk should not be missed. What kind of CAS projects could we create based on this theme?

Act NOW! International Performance Writing Festival

An international performance writing competition on sustainability run by youth for youth that engages young people across the nation to learn, evaluate, innovate and act with a splash of creativity!

Act NOW! International Performance Writing Festival

The spotlight is on. This is your chance to shine!

Enter with a performable creative writing piece, such as a play, speech, monologue or poem to earn cash prizes and the chance to have your work performed!

CAS and the Earthquake in Japan

At AISD we talk about global citizenship and in the wake of the Earthquake in Japan I want acknowledge how difficult that can be. Japan is both near and far from our lives in Bangladesh. Images and video in the media bring the tragedy into our living rooms and social media is buzzing with information pushed out to our mobile devices. And yet, it can also feel far removed from our daily lives at AISD.

In light of all this, I wonder what it means to be a global citizen. What is our responsibility? What can we do? What should we do?

New Improved CAS Website

Hello CAS,

This is the launch of a totally new AISD CAS website. On this website you can find information relating to your CAS program at AISD. It is a work in progress and I hope you will take the time to provide feedback and comments so that we can make this the best site possible.

The home page is also a blog. On this blog you are encouraged to share anything that relates to your CAS program. On the blog we will celebrate CAS heros, CAS success stories, Inspiration, CAS opportunities and more.

I hope you enjoy this site!